Central Texas Foundation Repair Projects

Alamo Hy-Tech Foundation, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that has served the community for over 25 years. Learn about us and foundation repair projects below.

Before Repairing Those Cracks, Make Sure it is Level

When planning small cosmetic changes or a full remodel, it is recommended to have your foundation checked before you start any repairs. Upgrades, such as new paint, trim or even installing new cabinets can be ruined if the foundation is not level to start.

Rule #1 of remodeling and renovating is to start from the ground up.

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Seguin Foundation Repair: Restoring a Home Back to the Way it Should Be

Some foundations need repair because of age, the soils, or a plumbing leak could have caused the foundation to shift. Anyone of these reasons can be remedied and your foundation can be restored to its original grade. Not all foundations are created equal or have the same cause, so we offer a free estimate and create a foundation repair plan that will best suit your needs.

For instance, a recent home we repaired in Seguin needed new block and base piers because of the age of the original cedar posts. The original cedar posts had become rotten over time and were causing the foundation to shift.

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Your Biggest Investment in Life Starts with a Great Foundation.

When building a home, you want to start with a level foundation. Make sure your foundation is designed by a licensed engineer. Make sure all necessary permits and inspections for your city are completed during the building process. Different cities require different inspections, engineer sign off letters and procedures.

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