Frequently Asked Questions

With over a decade of experience, we have come to learn that every home is different, and every slab repair is, too. Below are frequently asked question about foundation repair and services.

How do I know if my structure needs repairs?

You might have seen the warning signs, cracks in the sheetrock, and cracks in the brick veneer, doors miss-aligned and sticking. This could all be signs that your foundation is in trouble. Call Alamo Hy-Tech Foundation, Inc. and our experts will come out and give you a thorough assessment with no obligation. We’ll give you a detailed quote if work needs to be done.

How long will repairs take?

On average, repairs will take 5 to 7 days to complete; we clean up after and replant any plants that might have been removed.

What about payment?

Payment will be 1/2 down when work is scheduled and balance upon completion. There are no hidden costs.

What about plumbing tests?

You can call your homeowners insurance and ask for a static sewer test or hydrostatic test, or we can refer you to a plumber we work with on a daily basis.

Do you have any references?

Yes we do! E-mail or call us and we would be glad to e-mail, fax or give you additional references over the phone of many satisfied customers.

How long has Alamo Hy-Tech been in business?

Since 1989, we have been in business for over 30 years.

Is there anything that I need to do to prepare for these repairs?

For interior and exterior repairs; any small items around the area that we will be working should be removed for precaution. For interior repairs, your salesperson or crew supervisor will go over which rooms need to be cleared.

What about adjustments?

If, after the work is complete, any adjustments are needed to the pilings installed, the corresponding warranty covers the adjustments.

Do you have a warranty?

After slab foundation repair and work is completed and paid in full, a lifetime warranty certificate is issued. The warranty covers only the pilings which Alamo installed for slab foundations. This warranty is owner transferable for the life of the structure. There is a $300 transfer fee paid within 30 days of transfer of property ownership to keep warranty current.

What about my landscaping?

If any plants or shrubs need to be removed we will place them to the side and water them while work is being done, once work is completed we will replant and water them. It is up to the homeowner to take care of the plants after the job is complete. Alamo Hy-Tech does not warranty any plants.

Does someone need to be home?

No, the only time we will need to get into the property is when we are ready to level and this is done near completion of repairs unless interior repairs are needed we will need access to interior of the house. If you are home during the repairs, the job supervisor will help answer any questions you might have, or you may call the office and talk to a salesperson.

Do you have questions about your slab or pier and beam foundation?

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